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Why is the game I'm looking for on a regional network and not on the national network?

Pac-12 Support
posted this on August 30, 2012 12:04 AM

Pac-12 Networks give fans access to hundreds of live events and other unique programming – more than at any time in history.  But we recognize that even with seven networks, overlapping schedules and the sheer number of events taking place across all 12 of our schools on a given day may make it difficult for some fans to find the games they want. 

That’s why we make all seven of our networks available through Pac-12 Now, our TV Everywhere experience (available through participating television providers), and re-broadcast all home Pac-12 games on our National Pac-12 Network.  It is also important to know that we offer all seven networks to our television distribution partners to offer on your television dial, but it will be up to each provider to decide what content to make available to customers. We would love for you to have access to every game – so we urge you to contact your television provider and ask for the full line-up of regional Pac-12 Networks.

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