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My Pac-12 Now Android App Keeps Crashing


My Pac-12 Now Android App Keeps Crashing

In most cases there are a few simple steps you can perform to fix crashing issues with the Pac-12 Now Android app.

  1. Open Android "Settings"
  2. Scroll down and select "Application Manager"
  3. Under "Downloaded" scroll down to select "Pac-12 Now"
  4. Select "Clear Cache", then select "Clear Data"
  5. In most cases, your app will be able to load now without issue. It's worth noting that if you were previously logged in to the app you'll have to log back in at this point.

Depending on the Android version you're using, or even who manufactured your phone, these steps might vary slightly. If you can't find or access the "Application Manager," try "Apps" or feel free to contact for assistance.

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