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How do I watch games that aren’t available through my regional Pac-12 Network?


We make all seven of our networks available to subscribers through our Pac-12 Now TV Everywhere service. Fans can watch Pac-12 Now on their computers or mobile devices as long as their TV provider supports the service. You can see if your provider allows access by selecting "Pac-12 Networks Live" under the Watch tab on the website and clicking on one of the "Right Now" screens. Keep in mind, to gain remote access to Pac-12 Networks you will need to log in with the username and password you have established with your TV Provider.

If your provider is not on the list we urge you to contact them and let them know you want access to Pac-12 Now. To make contacting your provider easier, we have included a link below that will allow you to email them directly or reach them through social media.

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