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Can international viewers access the Pac-12 Now app or online at


For U.S. based fans, Pac-12 Networks does not impose any geographic restrictions on access to Pac-12 Networks content. If you are traveling abroad you can use your U.S. based TV Provider login just as if you were at home.  

If you’re unable to access video via the Pac-12 Now app from your location, for example in certain countries outside of the United States, that may be due to policies of that location/country on outbound traffic. Please contact your provider with any technical difficulties.  You can find customer support contact information for several of Pac-12 Networks leading providers here at

Also, in many countries outside of the United States, Pac-12 Network, our primary channel, is available via YouTube International as a live 24-7 stream. To learn more about this service please visit

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