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How do I access Pac-12 Networks on


For Comcast users who want access via mobile and tablet devices, the Xfinity TV Go app is available to download right now from both Google Play and iTunes.

In order to access Pac-12 Networks through XfinityTV, here are the direct links for each of the channels:

Please keep in mind, you will need to sign in with your Comcast TV username/password to view this (and other) content on XfinityTV.  If you have at least one Pac-12 channel as part of your TV package, you should have access to watch all 7 of the Pac-12 Networks including each of the regional channels.  If you do have the Pac-12 channel on your TV and run into any difficulties accessing these links, please contact Comcast to have your account id properly setup.

***Note that Comcast has not yet setup access to Pac-12 Networks for iPhone and iPad.  You can contact them to request the timing on when it will be setup.

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