Pac-12 Networks Support's video player: what should I expect?

Follow recently launched an updated video player for live and on-demand content as part of a continuing effort to deliver Pac-12 fans a great user experience.

Player functions

The updated video player has the same functions as before including play, pause, rewind 15 seconds, seek back or ahead, fullscreen mode, and sharing.

Sharing and Embedding Video

Clicking the share icon on the top right of the video player will give you options to share or embed the video.

Mobile web experience

Our updated player does not currently run on most mobile web browsers.  Instead you will see a link to download the Pac-12 Now app or - if you already have Pac-12 Now installed on your device - a link to open the video directly in the app.

Mobile web support is coming soon but regardless we encourage you to download the Pac-12 Now app (click to download for: Android | iOS) for the optimal mobile experience.


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