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Auto-login issue with Internet account instead of TV account


Many internet/cable providers have enabled Home-Based Authentication, which is intended to allow users the ability to easily log in to apps that require TV provider authentication based on their home wifi network.

Occasionally, this may affect a users' ability to log into the Pac-12 Now app if the credentials tied to their wifi network is different than the credentials used to log into the Pac-12 Now app. As a result, users may run into this problem if they are getting automatically logged into a 'home' wifi network vs their desired cable login, thus having their login credentials get overridden by their wifi network and unable to access Pac-12 Networks.

First, please check the Apple app store or Google Play for Android to make sure you have the latest version of the Pac-12 Now app. Having the latest version will ensure the best possible experience.

If an update does not solve the issue, please try the following steps:

  1. Force close the Pac-12 Now App out of memory
  2. Turn off wifi on your device
  3. Launch the Pac-12 Now app
  4. If you are already signed in, tap "Sign Out" under TV Provider.
  5. Tap Sign In
  6. Choose your desired cable provider, then sign in with your username/password that has Pac-12 Networks associated with it
  7. Rejoin wifi so that you don't use up your LTE data plan


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