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My son/daughter is a student-athlete at a Pac-12 school and I would like to watch all of their games, but my provider does not carry the appropriate regional network. What should I do?


Video providers offering the Pac-12 Networks are required to carry at least one of the networks, but have the opportunity to offer all 7 networks to their customers at no additional fees to the Pac-12.  If they are not offering your preferred network, we encourage you to contact them to let them know you want it. Most Pac-12 Networks' customers do have access to all 7 networks by logging into our TV Everywhere app called Pac-12 Now or by going to  As an authenticated subscriber, you will have a username and password from your video provider which will enable you to access Pac-12 Networks. If your provider does not allow access to Pac-12 Now, we urge you to contact them and let them know you want it.

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