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I am a DISH customer and used to be able to watch all seven networks on TV Everywhere, but now I can’t. How do I fix this?


The change you have experienced is something called "mapping." Mapping is a term video providers use to describe the access to TV Everywhere content they offer their customers. It is new in some cases. Time Warner, for example, has been mapping since we launched. Others have been rolling it out over time. It went into effect with DISH on February 1, 2016.  This is the same practice that happens with all TV Networks and has been slowly being adopted by Pac-12 Networks providers.

Pac-12 Networks produces 850 live events and more than 500 hours of original programming in HD and distributes it to all providers. It is up to each provider to determine how the content is delivered to you. If your provider does not allow you to access your preferred network on TV or through the Pac-12 Now, we encourage you to contact them and let them know you want it. To make contacting your provider easier, we have included a link below that will allow you to email them directly or reach them through social media.

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