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Does the Pac-12 have a Pac-12 Now app for Apple TV?


The Pac-12 Now app does offer AirPlay capabilities for Apple TV on supported devices. Simply start a video on the Pac-12 Now app (for iOS or Android), then you will see the Apple's familiar triangular AirPlay icon in the player controls if there is an AirPlay compatible device in range.

If you are having trouble using AirPlay for Apple TV, please see this article from Apple. Also, here is a step-by-step guide from Apple on how to use AirPlay.

Please also check the app store (for iOS or Android) to ensure you have the latest version of the Pac-12 Now app. Having the latest version will ensure the best possible experience.

For more information on the Pac-12 Now app, please visit this page on our website.

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    Jim Uriarte

    I’ve tried to watch a couple games this year using airplay and it just hangs. Use airplay for lots of other things just fine. How long before we get a native tvOS app?

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    Matt Richards

    Based on the explanation above, the answer is "no."

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    Jason Grovert

    FuboTV and Sling TV have Pac 12 via their native Apple TV app, but it would take a subscription to that service to view it. Hopefully the network gets added to Directv Now soon as that is the streaming service I prefer.

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