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AT&T U-verse users: As of Dec. 2, 2018, U-verse no longer provides Pac-12 Networks


As of Dec. 2, 2018, AT&T U-verse no longer provides Pac-12 Networks.  While we offered AT&T U-Verse the option to continue carriage of Pac-12 Networks without an increase in fees or change in terms, AT&T chose to let our partnership expire.

Our mission at Pac-12 Networks is to connect fans to the Pac-12 universities and sports they love, so we do not want you to miss any of our coverage of Pac-12 basketball or any Pac-12 sports. Please visit to find a list of the multiple providers who do carry Pac-12 Networks in your area.

Also, if you would like to contact AT&T U-verse to make your voice heard, you can do so by calling 1-800-288-2020 or visiting


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