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Casting to Roku devices


Pac-12 Networks subscribers can cast to their Roku television through the Pac-12 Now app after logging in with your TV/cable provider information and downloading the Pac-12 Now app on your mobile and Roku devices.

Below are some steps on how to cast to a Roku device:

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of the Pac-12 Now app on your mobile and Roku devices
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi, and make sure your Roku television and your mobile device are on the same WiFi network
  3. Allow the Pac-12 Now app to find and connect to devices on your local network
  4. Tap the icon at the top right of the Pac-12 Now app
  5. Select the connected device or TV on which you’d like the video to play
  6. Once the mobile app is connected to the streaming device or TV, you’ll see the connected cast iconat the top right of the screen
  7. Select any video and tap the play button, the video will be cast to the TV

  8. Sit back, and enjoy Pac-12 content on your large screen!

Through the Pac-12 Now app, you can also stream directly to your device through Google Chromecast. This video walks you through how to setup Chromecast.

Pac-12 Networks Support


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